Non Invasive Breast Enlargement

Up to 80% of women are unhappy with the way they see her naked in the mirror. Even the women who train in the gym can not alter your body will store fat. Doing hundreds of crunches every day not spot reduce fat around the abdomen. We are all born different shapes and sizes and it is our genetic trait that our body stores fat. Discover different body shapes typically applied to women such as apple and pear. Apples usually store fat around the waist and bust, pears tend to store fat around their buttocks, hips and thighs. The point is that through natural controls such as diet and exercise, we are unable to sculpting our bodies to take a little here and add a little there.

A process of cosmetic surgery known as autologous fat transplantation or micro-lets lipoinyección fat to be removed from one area of the body and used to improve an additional one. So the unwanted fat of the abdomen or thighs can be used to improve the breast for example. This seems surprising, body sculpture now seems possible! The idea of transplanting body fat is not new. The truth is that the first attempts at breast augmentation in the year 1900 uses fat injections to enhance breast size. However, the effects had not been particularly long-lasting as the injected fat is absorbed back into the body. The result was lumpy breasts and infections and inflammation were also common.

The use of autologous fat transplantation in aesthetic surgery breast augmentation has increased in recent years. More recently, the technology to isolate stem cells from adipose tissue of fat throughout the operation has been developed. So the fat can be removed from a region of the body through liposuction, stem cells could be isolated quickly and re-injected into the patient’s breast tissue to enlarge the breasts.

There are several advantages of autologous fat in breast synthetic implants. First, fat transplantation can be very cost effective, particularly when combined with another process, usually liposuction. There is little or no scarring as the fat is injected into the breast tissue rather than a surgical incision being necessary to insert implants saline or silicone. Moreover, since Fat is taken from the patient’s own body, there is no possibility of an allergic reaction or complications, such as capsular contracture breast implant settlement saline or silicone.

Unfortunately, one of the main disadvantages with the improvement fat transfer breast is the longevity of the results. Factors influencing this are the experience of the surgeon, we recommend Dr Zacharia, the patient’s genetic, how well it establishes a blood supply throughout the injected fat tissue more style options patient’s life. Patients who smoke have an increased risk of excessive resorption where the fat is absorbed back into the body tissue at an early stage. Because of the nature Standing no fat transfer, patients usually require repeat treatment after 6 months. However, the fat harvested during liposuction initially can be frozen for reuse in subsequent treatments. Moreover, only a local anesthetic is usually necessary to re-inject the fat in breast tissue. Since that the process is much less invasive, recovery time for patients is much faster than with the synthetic breast implant surgery.

Another issue to consider is the size. Depending on the level of transformation required in breast size, breast implants may be needed after synthetic fat transfer can only provide a limited increase in breast size.

Breast cancer screening by mammography is far more difficult after the injected fat has been used to augment breasts. This can be a major concern for women considering treatment with a risk for people who have had it.

Autologous fat transplantation is becoming more well known in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to the expansion of chest, which is used for other cosmetic surgery procedures in some of cluttering up the face, cheeks and chin and is a common choice to other wrinkle treatments. It actually used to correct the aging of the hands and also to correct defects and post-surgical traumatic in many areas of the body.