Accessorizing Your Car With An Amplifier

Car audio systems are rarely ideal and need to be upgraded with an amplifier.

An amplifier can be used for one of two things. It can boost the speaker audio in the car cabin or be used to power a sub-woofer in the trunk of the car. Both uses provide a greater listening experience.

Installing an amplifier is not as difficult as many think.

It is a simple 2 hour task that can be performed by anyone with a little knowledge of the electrics of a car. Step one would be to connect wires at the rear of the stereo unit. In order to do this, you have to pull out the stereo from the dashboard and look for the RCA plugs at the back side. Amplifiers have 4 or 2 channels, so you will find two RCA plugs at the back of the stereo. Once you have access, you should plug the RCA cables at the back of the stereo. The second wire to plug into the back of the stereo is the remote wire. This wire tells the amplifier to turn on and off with the stereo.

After the plugs are attached to the back of the stereo, the wires should reach the boot of the car. In doing this, course the wires inside the car in the floor or side panels so it will not be easily seen. Next would be to attach the ends of the wire to the amplifier terminals. You should not interchange wires as all sockets in the amplifier are tagged accordingly.

Once the wires are in you simply need to wire up the speaker wires to your sub-woofer or your speakers and test the sound. If there is no sound you need to back track and see where you went wrong. If you are satisfied with the sound quality, you may now securely install the amplifier to prevent any movement when the car is in motion. Try to install yourself the amplifier of your car so you don’t have to pay for the services of an expensive car audio installer.

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