3 Things To Avoid To Get The Best Price On Your Next New Car Purchase

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  • August 11, 2018
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Every single day people use the internet to get information. They type words that describe the items they are searching for into search engines like google. They have a number of motivations. These types of motivations could be put in 1 of 2 groups; pleasure seeking or pain avoidance. Pleasure seeking is positive, searching for something they really would like. Pain avoidance is negative, trying to avoid what they don’t want.

When any web surfer searches for Information on getting the best bargain on a new car, they may have either positive or negative motivations. Here in this article we’ll deal just with those on the negative or pain-avoidance motivation side. We will be considering three of the actions or errors that such a person wants most to avoid.

To recognize the overall circumstances in this, you will want to know That every dealership is willing to sell you a new car at a lower price then you can certainly imagine..

It might be also useful to know a few of the specifics. By way of example, you need to comprehend that we are currently in a recession, and they can do just about anything to sell you a new car..

What are we going to avoid? And, why avoid that?

Once you know you have to deal with a money hungry sales person, then clearly you need to understand the tactics that they are going use in an attempt to extract just as much money as they can from your pocket..

So, with that background and analysis, let us discuss the 3 points you must carefully avoid:

To start with, You must never buy a new car at the time of the initial demo drive.. The reasoning behind this is purely emotion. At the time of the initial test drive, you’re emotionally attached to the vehicle (It’s human nature), so when you buy with emotion you lose and the dealership wins..

What amount of avoidance is needed? Well, if you need the perfect Car Negotiation outcome, you shouldn’t buy on the same day…


Second, Don’t discuss a payment with the sales representative, inform them that you are only enthusiastic about negotiating the purchase price.. And, tell me, just why’s that? When they “Close You” with a payment, you’ve got no idea what the price was. If you let them know you can’t go any higher then $400 per month, they got you. $400 per month over 36 months is a lot different then $400 monthly over 84 months…but, it’s still $400 monthly, Right?.

And exactly how will get them to negotiate price, rather than payment? Easy, threaten to walk out…or do leave, they will negotiate price with you..

Third and lastly, Do not tell them you might be trading your car or truck in until the price is negotiated. The reason for that is if they know that you’re trading an automobile, they’ll “gauge” you on that end. They will make you think you are receiving you will get a great price, and steal your trade.

And in what way can we know when this is being avoided sufficiently?

If you notice the salesperson huffing and puffing, and constantly going back to his manager for advice, you’ll know you have successfully avoided these three topics. There are several more techniques that need to be used to get the best achievable price on your next new car purchase, but these three are a great start.